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Some favorite articles with our response regarding Catholic education:

Article by Kathy Mears, Superintendent of Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Boston

Response from William Horan:
Kathy Mears writes  "Our schools serve the poor.  OUr schools, our parishes, the Campaign for Catholic Schools and the Catholic Schools Foundation raise over $30 million annually to provide financial assistance for our students.  It is this model of generosity that our students are exposed to each day and those who help fund this financial assistance are in our prayers each day."
I say this may be so.  But the situation is getting worse.  Do the Catholic schools prodide a "preferential option for the Poor" as the bishops of Latin America and the Pope himself have suggested?
Response from William Horan:
Kevin and Marilyn Ryan write  "This is evidence of a massive faillure of Catholic education.  It is the real crisis in our Church today and something must be done about it."
I say the thing we should do is provide a preferencial option for the Poor in our Catholic schools.  If we find that we cannot afford to keep our schools open to the Poor, the schools should be closed in those countries where the State provides for general education and the resources used for "Confraternity for Christian Doctrine" and other programs which can be kept open to the Poor. 
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